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Shinju and the Master of Tides

by Charisa Norris

For hundreds of years, the Tsoma Clan have guarded the legendary tide jewels. Whoever commands the jewels commands the sea, and their powers eventually become instruments of destruction rather than peace.


The Clan keeps the jewels on islands at opposite ends of the Empire of Horitamo, hidden from all who would wish to use them. But the islands and the Clan's lives are connected to the magic of the tide jewels, and when one is stolen, they become cursed. Now the Clan's only hope lies with Shinju, a girl adopted into their midst.


Determined to save her new family, Shinju embarks on a journey to track down the thief and return the Kanju, even if it means facing a former life she's been running from for ten years.


Along the way, Shinju meets a mysterious, vengeful warrior named Raiden. Raiden agrees to help her recover the jewel, harboring his own reasons for becoming her ally.


As they unravel the truth about the theft of the tide jewel, a figure emerges from the shadows, intent on becoming the new master of tides. Shinju and Raiden's quest becomes a race against time to prevent the empire's greatest calamity, while also confronting the darkness of their own pasts.


Inspired by Japanese mythology and martial arts, Shinju and the Master of Tides is an epic fantasy adventure that explores themes of grief, loss, revenge, and healing.


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